• Chabiubiu | 调味茶系列


    Client: chabiubiu

    Designer: Sophie & Shan.K

    Scope: 商标识别设计,品牌识别,品牌设计,包装设计

    Year: 2018-2021








    Chabiubiu is a daily drink for young people; Tea has always had a sense of precipitation and massiness in the past product image, which makes young people flinch; The founder hopes to have a tea product that can "chat with yourself" and provide a relaxed and comfortable tea drinking atmosphere.

    The brand insists on choosing high-end tea raw materials. In the face of many bag tea bag products in the market, chabiubiu believes that the original leaf can show the quality of tea better than broken tea, so it abandoned bag tea and chose the product form of original leaf tea. In the package, we provide ear bags that are convenient for filtering and making tea, as well as peripheral products such as tea shovel, tea drain and coaster, which makes the process of drinking tea quite ceremonial.

    Because there is a combination of fruit and flowers and fruits, and the tea soup smells fragrant, we have adopted watercolor in the packaging design to present attractive flower and fruit raw materials and various flavors of tea, setting off a natural and fresh flavor.