• HerbValue | 口腔护理

    Client: HerbValue
    Designer: Sophie
    Scope: 品牌识别、包装设计 
    Year: 2020










    HerbValue is a new dental care brand. The first series is mouthwash series, which provides portable mouthwash, portable oral spray and bottle mouthwash.


    In the previous oral care products, most products were based on medical efficacy, and the experience pleasure and portability of the products were not very friendly. The new generation of young people have new needs for keeping their mouth clean and fresh: not only in terms of efficacy, but also in terms of experience, taste and scene.


    In order to convey this friendly and cordial product temperament, we chose a more colorful candy like color system, corresponding to different fruit flavors, making the overall atmosphere of the brand easier.


    For bottled mouthwash, we have adopted the backflow prevention valve design, so that the amount of each use is constant, and the liquid will not backflow, resulting in the pollution of the remaining liquid in the bottle.