• JuiceFS - 做人们喜爱的产品

    Client: JuiceFS
    Designer: YZ.W & Shan
    Scope: Web design 
    Year: 2022


    JuiceFS 是专为公有云环境设计的,可以在大规模服务集群中共享使用的分布式 POSIX 文件系统。在升级网站的视觉系统时,我们为之新增了大量更视觉化的表达体系,希望能在技术的语言中找到轻松的气氛。

    JucieFS说:“果汁给人的感觉是甜的,喝起来开心的,JuiceFS 也希望给使用者这种轻松开心的感受,而不是研究黑科技的感受;我们希望做人们喜爱的产品。”


    JuiceFS is designed for the public cloud environment. It can share the distributed POSIX file system in large-scale service clusters. When upgrading the visual system of the website, we added a large number of more visual expression systems, hoping to find a relaxed atmosphere in the language of technology.
    JucieFS said: "JuiceFS gives people a sweet feeling and is happy to drink. JuiceFS also hopes to give users such a relaxed and happy feeling, rather than the feeling of studying black technology. We hope to be a product that people like."